Saturday, 26 September 2009

It's Saturday!

Hi, it's finally the weekend!

I'm currently writing a new short story, and it's called 'Broken Spirits' and it's about a very unhappy family. I may put it on here once I finish it, but I haven't decided if it's good enough yet.

Also, it's only 56 days until New Moon is released! And The Killers are going to be on the soundtrack! My best friend is very happy about that, because she is obsessed with The Killers and Brandon Flowers.

Another thing I need to tell everyone, is that there is a great youtube channel called 'ChartJackersProject' . You should subscribe to them because they are pure awesomeness. They are trying to create a charity single, which they will put in the charts and hope that it gets to number 1. If you check out their channel it will tell you far more than I can off of the top of my head! :P

I luuurve you,

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