Friday, 26 June 2009

It's Friday! The weekend has finally started, and it couldn't have come soon enough :P

Today's been pretty much the same as most other days... boring and uneventful.

So I will do something which any person would do on one of these days... Blog about it!

Okay, so today I went to school like any other normal weekday, but it was a halfday, and I got the afternoon off!

I decided to check my YouTube account, and I found out that I had lots of awesome-type videos to watch, and one of them was informing me about an amazing competition, where you make a music video for Chameleon Circuit (I really, really, wanna buy their CD!!!), which looks like fun. I want to enter it, but I've seen some of the videos entering, and I'd have a tough time competing with them! But you never know until you try, i suppose...

Also, in other me-related news XD, I'm currently trying my hand at writing a novel-length story! I'm not going to go into too much detail about it though, but I'll probably say more about it once I've written more out. I'm only on about 15,000 words so far--theres a lot more to go!

But anyway; that's been my Friday so far, and I know no one reads these things anyway, so

and have a good weekend!