Sunday, 17 January 2010

I WILL get round to starting my IndieVISUAL blog!

God, I'm a failure.

So basically, I've gotten very behind on this thing, but I do have a reason.

I have been VERY busy. Not just with schoolwork, but with life. It's been a tough time, which I am not going to go into with strangers on the internet, obviously.

Also, I have not had the internet for the last few weeks, and even though I could have posted them on as soon as the internet was back, I just haven't felt like drawing recently.

But I am slowly becoming more cheery again, and I hope to be posting soon :) I would post something now, but the truth is I haven't drawn anything today, and it is now 23:25. Yeah, I've got to be up in seven hours, and I've still got homework to complete :S

Night guys :)