Tuesday, 22 September 2009

It's been a while

So, today is Tuesday!

How's everyones lives going at the minute?

Mine's as good as its going to get at the minute to be honest. Schools been boring, and I'm sure that many other schoolkids will agree there with me.

It was my birthday the other day! It was awesome! ;)

I've got an unhealthy obsession with Iced tea and American sweets. I've now got a huge box of Runts, a tube of bottlecaps and some sweettarts! (Yes, I'm a sweetaholic, my dentist knows that too...)

I'm very worried about my future, too. I'm scared that if I make the wrong decisions now that I'll ruin my life, which is quite possible.

Oh, and I've developed a stupid schoolgirl crush on this boy I know. :P Typical me, eh?

Anywho, I Love You!

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