Sunday, 5 July 2009

It's Sunday...

Hello, everyone! It's unfortunately Sunday, which means it's incredibly boring! So, here was my week:

I've decided that I'm going to watch all of the Harry Potter films so far to prepar myself for the sixth, I have only finished the first film, and am currently halfway through the second one.

Also, I bought the last two books out of the series last Saturday, finished the sixth book last weekend, and started on the seventh and final one. I still haven't finished it. I'm two thirds of the way through though!

Also, I've been thinking of video ideas. I've got a few now, which I might just manage to get made! I'm not promising anything, though...

And also, on my story-related news, I've written a bit more, but not much. I've been very pre-occupied this week!

Anyway, right now, I'm about to go enjoy a lovely Smarties Ice-cream to cool me down from the heat here in England. Never thought I would say that!