Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Easter holidays :)

Yes, it's that time of year again where easter eggs run free and tower over you at your local Tesco's, and you gain so many extra pounds, you could probably start up a bank.

My favourite holiday involving tons of chocolate is finally here! Well okay, I still prefer Christmas, and Easter was almost two weeks ago, but never mind.

Oh, and I've got two essays to do. Yay. And one is stupidly hard :(

It's an English essay, and I usually like English, but it's about Shakespeare. I no longer like Shakespeare. But I hear from some teachers that I'm really good at essays, but I think that's rather unlikely. Essays suck.

So yeah, over the last week and a bit, I've been to an awesome sleepover, Thorpe Park, my friend's houses, town, and a ton of other cool places which makes a change for once. usually, I just stay at home and do nothing.

I want to post a video on YouTube. But I don't want to make a complete fool of myself, or gain a creepy stalker. I have a video filmed, I would just need to edit it and add music. Hmmm, is it worth the thought of knowing that my video would be ever free in the interweb once I post it, for people to use at their own free will?

Oh, and I was late for the orthodentist's today! My dad called me at 12:10 today, saying he was at my door. His call woke me up. My appointment was in ten minutes, and I had to rush around getting ready. It was HORRIBLE. And then, i realised that the colour of my braces matched my jumper perfectly, and everyone kept commenting on it. But at leas tmy braces are fixed now :) One of the bands snapped a few days ago, and today was the earliest appointment I could get.

But I guess I had better go and complete ten more words of my essay, before I realise that the holidays are over and I infact have to hand it in that day... Thank god that's not true.